In the Company of Women: Indirect Aggression Among Women: Why We Hurt Each Other & How To Stop

By Pat Heim, Susan Murphy and Susan K. Golant

Price: $20.00 - Paperback

Studies have shown that relationships can either be the best or the worst thing to happen to women at work. Women have a greater capacity than men to affect one another's professional performance--with better results for all if their interaction is good, and worse results if it is not.

Offering groundbreaking insights into the meaning of everyday good behavior, In The Company of Women draws on the latest research on brain structure, evolution, and socialization to explain the unique challenges and positive opportunities that arise among women working with women.

A decade ago, our need to surmount communication differences between men and women put Deborah Tannen on bestseller lists. By the year 2003, it is predicted, women will own approximately fifty percent of American businesses. For the sake of our professional well-being, we must now examine how women act differently among themselves when they are friends or enemies--and use that information to reach new levels of excellence.









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