The Power Dead-Even Rule

The Power Dead Even Rule


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Video Length: 46 Minutes

The Power Dead Even Rule: And Other Gender Differences in the Workplace Men and women live in different cultures. As a result they have different rules about what is considered “appropriate” behavior. Unfortunately neither gender is aware of these disparate norms and often misread what is being communicated. Women can see men as belligerent and insensitive. Men often see women as over-emotional. What they don’t understand is that both men and women are doing what works in their culture. Unfortunately, the same behavior can backfire across culture.


Consequently, what seems natural to one gender can seem mysterious and baffling to the other. In her thoughtful and lively presentation Dr. Heim will explain some of the different rules of the male and female culture and help viewers to: Understand that men and women behave and communicate differently because they live in different cultures. Learn the internal “rules” each gender culture uses to define “appropriate” adult behavior. See how gender cultures can clash in the context of typical workplace communication. Learn how to improve workplace communication between men and women instead of placing the blame on either gender.








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