I am a senior journalist with Reuters who has had a string of foreign postings and has been involved in efforts to support diversity at my company. However, Tammy’s presentation on strategies to encourage more women to consider international assignments was still an eye-opener even though this is an issue I have lived for years. She combined insights about unconscious bias with practical tips that were really informative.


Emma Thomasson


In all my years attending conferences of this type, this is the first time I've seen a speaker get a standing ovation.


Col. C.A. Terriberry, USAF, NC

Tammy Hughes' presentation, 'Gender Differences and How to Leverage Differences in the Workplace' at our recent Womens' Forum event was by far the most popular agenda item! She presented this fascinating subject matter mixing market research and conventional wisdom with passion, humor and audience engagement. Our audience rated this event as 'extremely valuable' and noted on several verbatim comments that they would now consider 'gender as a culture' and be much more 'conscious about differences and perceptions'.


Bhavani Chandramouli

Head, Executive & Internal Communications

Novartis Oncology US

I am a certified GenderSpeak facilitator and have delivered to over 100 participants thus far. My participants leave the session with a different state of mind regarding gender differences. It is wonderful to be able to share this knowledge, help people in their professional and personal lives and be an agent of positive change. GenderSpeak evokes a transformation with participants. I have been applying this knowledge to my personal life as well. I consider what I now know a golden tool set.


José Peláez
Michelin Amérique du Nord (Canada) Inc.

When I heard you speak today, my biggest take away was ‘Not right. Not wrong. Not good. Not bad. Just different.’ Your research presents both sides of gender culture in a neutral light. It made me realize that I have been adopting the strategy of trying to ‘act like a man,’ and it is not making me as productive as my peers (who are all male). It just opened my eyes to the fact that performing tasks and interacting with people in my natural way is not bad, just different. I think that is a huge message that both women and men in the tech industry especially need to hear, and that was just one aspect of your talk.


Kaycee Anderson

Program Manager

Microsoft Corp.

Our law firm brought The Heim Group in to deliver a diversity session for our staff in October of 2014. Tammy Hughes spoke to a live audience and had 8 remote locations joining in via web conferencing. 98% of our evaluations rated the session as time well spent and some of the many comments from our staff included; I thought Tammy was an excellent speaker and the topic was extremely interesting, What I learned helped me make more sense of all interrelationships, not just between men and women, and I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to improve their personal leadership skills and growth. So much so I want to attend again!


Jacqueline Catena
Senior Director, Talent Development and Acquisition
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

I have been very impressed by your training on gender diversity. I learned a lot during this day. Ever since I am able to observe gender differences at the work place from a much more professional standpoint. It is easier for me to perceive situations with humor now. Furthermore, I found a lot of proof for the facts you provided to us during the training in my everyday work....Thank you for coming over for the training. The day really made a huge difference to me and my view on the professional work setting. It put things in perspective and helped me a lot personally.


Gunda Schuller

Senior Manager Corporate Strategy
Munich, Germany

GenderSpeak is one of the most effective and valuable workshops I've ever attended and delivered. It's one of those rare classes that provides awareness and skills that can be applied both professionally and personally. It's extremely popular and equally requested by men and women leaders in our organization. I highly recommend it.


Mark King

Director, Diversity & Inclusion
The Kellogg Company

You are without exception the best speaker I've heard and believe me, I've heard a lot of speakers!


Janis Neuman, M.D.

While we do have gender differences around us every day, it was eye-opening to have this course pointing it out in such a structured, and intelligent way. The scientific penetration of the topic combined with an easy, almost play-like approach, made the course stand out from the common and overused appeal to the "higher moral ground". Your course is intuitive, yet professional; methodical, yet engaging.


Lucas Hulsmann

Procter & Gamble

Many thanks for making a very entertaining and thought-provoking presentation today at our conference. Your presentation certainly got the subject out into the open and on to the table.


Rosemary Martin
Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
Vodafone Group Plc

Tammy came to speak at our Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Symposium in October 2014 and delivered a plenary/general session for over 600 attendees. During her session, the audience was engaged, laughing and left the room discussing ways to improve conversations at work. Tammy is very well spoken and clearly comfortable with large audiences. Some of the evaluation comments we received included: she spoke quickly and clearly with a little wit, captivating speaker, good information on gender differences without any hidden agenda or taking sides - nice, and a great dynamic speaker. It is not every day that I get to work with a speaker as professional and pleasant as Tammy. We are so thankful for her participation at our event and highly recommend Tammy as a presenter to any group, large or small. They will not be disappointed!


Meagan Catafi
Training & Program Manager
California Police Chiefs Association

Gender Speak has been well received by our attendees, both male and female. We've had many positive comments with some saying; it's the best two-hours I've spent, it's insightful and fun at the same time, and it's a class that everyone should take. Tammy's facilitation style keeps people engaged, and her examples are entertaining and relatable to most. She is able to discuss common gender-related communication issues while emphasizing the importance of valuing each other’s strengths which is important both inside and outside the workplace.


Gas & Oil Industry

Tammy spoke at our Women's Network Event, and her segment on gender communication was by far our most highly rated segment. Tammy was not only engaging and fun to listen to, she was able to help our team think about how we interact with one another from an entirely new perspective. Tammy was also able to connect with women in the session from all levels within our organization – from entry to director level – sharing content and research that was easy to digest, and very impactful. Tammy's session was bold, empowering, and actionable. We can't wait to have her at another event!


Aimee Dokulil

Site Leader
P&G Paper

Tammy presented Conflict Management and Gender to our organization of highly successful financial services professionals. She provided us entertaining and useful tips for our professional and personal lives. She was great, with lots of thought provoking and practical advice.


Brent Novoselsky, ChFC

Premier Resource Group

It was truly a great event and workshop that you provided for us, but your synergy was so overwhelming that we are still talking about the differences between men and women in business. This was probably the best event that we have had in 2006, and I hope that their are plans to have you back in the near future, and Michael, Pedro and myself want to congratulate you on job well done.


John Goldrick

Director of Property Management
MAS Asset Management Corporation






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