Our skilled team members work as coaches with men and women at all levels. Whether you need help developing yourself as a leader, solving gender-related issues, building a cohesive team or resolving a conflict, we can help. You will work with your coach to identify your goals and develop strategies for attaining them. Typically, you will work one-on-one in phone conferences with your coach. Many people have found coaching to be an efficient and effective way to move their careers forward.

From A Coaching Client:

Working with Tammy over the last few years has been an enlightening experience. Her practical, no-nonsense approach to tackling tricky interpersonal problems is both refreshing and empowering. Finally, there are paths towards solutions for problems that had seemed unfixable. When I first met Tammy, I was wondering whether the tech industry was still the right field for me. By the time we finished, I’d received two promotions, started leading a team, and increased my overall net worth significantly.

Tammy taught me to unpack the issues at the heart of the conflict and look at each core problem through both my own and their lenses. Quite often the problem is related to how each gender approaches these types of core conflicts. In order for me to understand this, she taught me a staggering amount of information and education about how each gender (I work in a male-dominated field) tends to approach problems, and how I might be sending signals to them that are either confusing or missed. The amount of applicable knowledge inside her head is humbling and hopeful, for someone who was on the edge of burnout.

The other way that Tammy has completely changed the way I work is with how I’m able to mentor other women in this approach to problems. I’m able to help them understand how their current approach may not be successful, and learn new approaches that might come away with better results. Because her style of guidance and wisdom is to educate about the fundamental differences between the way men and women approach relationships at work, I’m able to spread this education easily in a way that makes sense to both men and women. I cannot express how helpful this is at diffusing and improving situations at work where both sides are trying to help each other, but communication and understanding is lacking on both sides.

I’m eternally grateful to Tammy and the positive impact that she’s had on my career. I aspire to do as well as she has in helping others in my industry be successful, appreciated, and happy.

Ariana Jensen
Bellevue, WA