Social Media Shows No Mercy – Especially for Women

Authors: Pat Heim, PhD. | Tammy Hughes

I was having coffee this morning with my friend Mai. We were talking about a viral tweet we both saw yesterday. Everyone has been going on about Helene Wagner, the social media sensation with over 6 million followers. She recently posted some remorse about nasty comments she […]

Avoid Mismanagement 5: Communication Conundrum

By: Pat Heim, PhD. | Tammy Hughes | Latitia S. Lattanzio, PhD, NCSP

Jill’s Dilemma

I work on a marketing team at a large consumer goods company with five other women. I’m new to the team and quite young. In fact, this is my first job out of college. The other five […]

Avoid Mismanagement 4: Meeting Behavior

By: Pat Heim, PhD. | Tammy Hughes | Latitia S. Lattanzio, PhD, NCSP

Same Expectations or Different?

The finance team at a sporting goods company comprised of eight men and one woman are deciding on the direction for a new product line. A lot of divergent ideas are being tossed around and […]

Avoid Mismanagement 3: Catfights to Colleagues

By: Pat Heim, PhD. | Tammy Hughes | Latitia S. Lattanzio, PhD, NCSP

Olivia Pommereau’s Dilemma:

I work for the Marketing team at a large tech company with five other women. I’ve loved working here because my colleagues are so supportive. We’ve gotten really close over the years, and the six of […]

Avoid Mismanagement #2: How Promotions Can Backfire

By: Pat Heim, PhD. | Tammy Hughes | Latitia S. Lattanzio, PhD, NCSP

Neal Nixon’s Dilemma:

I lead the marketing team at a large tech company. Bar none, Olivia is my best employee! She consistently produces high-quality work and has extremely good working relationships with her colleagues. So when it came time […]

Avoid Mismanagement #1: Tense Emails

By: Pat Heim, PhD. | Tammy Hughes | Latitia S. Lattanzio, PhD, NCSP

Yesterday, Anna prepared reports and sent them to her co-worker, Tomas, for review. The next morning, she received a reply email that said:

“The numbers you sent me were incorrect. I need you to review your work and send […]

Why Women Have Such Intense Relationships

by Pat Heim, Ph.D.

While co-writing my book In the Company of Women, Indirect Aggression Among Women: Why We Hurt Each Other and How to Stop (Tarcher, 2001) my co-authors and I received a soon to be published study about stress and women. Suddenly everything made sense.

Commotion about Promotions

by Susan Murphy, Ph.D., M.B.A.

"I'm so disappointed I didn't get the promotion to Department Manager!" exclaims Kay, "He should have known I wanted it!" When Kay's manager was promoted to Vice President, his former position had been posted. Kay didn't apply; she assumed her manager knew she wanted it.

Effectively Managing Conflict?

by Serge Lashutka, M.A., M.B.A.

Recently I met with the top team of a family owned furniture manufacturing company to discuss teambuilding. The top team of 12 people is half male and half female. However, more than half the team members are related to the husband and wife who started the company.

The Golden Rule Has Lost Its Shimmer

by Tammy Hughes

When I'm conducting workshops, participants will occasionally ask, "Wouldn't all of this diversity training be unnecessary if we all just started practicing the golden rule?" Great question… so let's explore!

Take A Stand

by Jeanie Litteken

I remember the first time I asked Rod if I could speak with him about a problem I was experiencing. He was willing to discuss the situation but I was perplexed as to why he stood beside me! I moved to stand face to face with him as I explained my problem, and he moved to stand shoulder to shoulder with me!

Best Leadership Advise in 2000 Years!

by Connie Glaser, M.A.

My study regarding women and leadership, has led me back in time 2000 years to find a new paradigm for success. My book What Queen Esther Knew (Rodale, 2003) looks closely at smart, savvy, courageous Queen Esther who transformed herself from a humble, orphan girl to the most powerful woman in the Persian Empire. How did she do it?

“Now That Girls Play Sports, Does This Change Things?”

by Pat Heim, Ph.D.

When I talk about the different cultures of men and women, the most frequently asked question is, "Now that girls play sports, doesn't that change the dynamics?" I approached Anson Dorrance, the coach of the University of North Carolina women's soccer team since 1983, for the answer.

Taking Your Game to the Next Level

by Susan Murphy, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Want to hone a skill and enhance your performance? Now may be the perfect time to recruit your next coach or mentor. Most successful men and women can quickly and gratefully recite names of those who have helped them along their career path.

Staying Gender Neutral – A Tip for Our Certified Trainers

by Serge Lashutka, M.A., M.B.A.

One of the critical skills in effectively delivering GenderSpeak is to remain gender neutral as we facilitate. One rule is to always refer to "men" and "women," and not to say "we women (men) tend to..." or "you men (women) tend to ..."

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