Train the Trainer: GenderSpeak

GenderSpeak is a fun, practical and insightful workshop. During the 3-day train-the-trainer, you will learn Dr. Pat Heim’s facilitation techniques. Your first step will be to participate in a GenderSpeak program. Then you will develop your own expertise in its delivery. Drawing on The Heim Group’s extensive experience, you will learn to facilitate this potentially sensitive material in an enlightening and engaging manner. Individual coaching and instruction will build on your unique experience and style. You will be videotaped delivering the workshop and receive one-on-one feedback.


Day 1: Participate in GenderSpeak

Day 2: Review content of program and techniques for delivery

Day 3: Presentation of GenderSpeak by participants including videotaping and one-on-one feedback, review potential pitfalls, wrap-up and certification


  • Improve communication with differences in mind
  • Increase understanding of communication, behaviors, and non-verbals
  • Access The Heim Group’s gender expertise on an on-going basis
  • Expand in-house training resources
  • Prevent potential sexual harassment issues based on lack of understanding


The Heim Group is especially proud of the high quality of our training sessions. It is our privilege to work with your employee(s) to assure their success in facilitating this valuable learning experience. Credibility is extremely important when dealing with this potentially sensitive subject matter. We will send pre-read materials to your employee(s) along with an open book pre-test. The purpose of this assessment is to provide us with information regarding the trainers’ subject matter expertise.

This workshop is used regularly inside a wide variety of industries and organizations including Procter & Gamble, FedEx, BP, McDonald’s and Detroit Edison, TGI Friday’s, GE, Merck. Wells Fargo, Sony Pictures, and Deutsche Telekom.

Please call to request our training schedule or to schedule your own corporate train-the-trainer session, which can be held at a location of your choosing with 6 or more employees.


The purpose of the GenderSpeak train-the-trainer is to promote effective communication and teamwork between men and women in the workplace. Once your trainer is certified, you have the flexibility to offer this training experience to your employees all year long.


3 days