Our Expertise

Around the globe, people tell us, “We don’t have any gender issues here.” Most people don’t realize that gender rules play out in business every day in a myriad of ways. When organizations don’t operate with the rule differences in mind, gender balance suffers. When employees are forced to operate outside of their natural strengths and behave like the other gender in order to succeed, they can’t deliver their best. They become frustrated and exhausted. And they exit. Organizations pay high prices for loss of knowledge, increased recruitment and training costs, and an endlessly leaky talent pipeline.

Men and women grow up in different cultures and learn different lessons about “appropriate” teamwork, problem solving and leadership. Those differences are often difficult to see, let alone manage. Our presentations and workshops use humor to address the central factors that drive gender-related communication problems. We emphasize the importance of men and women valuing each other’s strengths.

We are driven by our core belief that it isn’t about goods or bads, rights or wrongs.

We paint the research with real life stories so that participants identify their own examples of gender differences.

Each gender culture is driven by a set of invisible rules. Those rules are the origin of unconscious bias. Our sessions make those rules visible, providing a healthy starting point for groups to recognize and manage the differences, ultimately navigating both cultures successfully. Equipped with gender lenses, your participants will see and hear the world more accurately. At the end of every session, we provide three tools to help increase effectiveness. Our “top pick” list helps create a closing dialogue for participants to plan specific new operating strategies.

Regardless of the format you choose, you will experience an inclusive, fast-paced session. We will engage your participants with the use of humor, keeping this potentially heavy topic both light and fun.