Unconscious Bias

This highly engaging session will help your executives discover how unconscious bias can affect our view of gender and generational differences, two critical diversity dimensions that are particularly tricky to navigate but have significant organizational payoffs when addressed well.

About Our Trainers

We are experienced executive facilitators who have been delivering sessions on gender, generation and unconscious bias for over thirty years. The Heim Group is known throughout the globe for their popular Gender Sensitization sessions in which thousands of leaders have had fun while learning dozens of practical research-based concepts and application tools. This all-new offering was developed in concert with Claire Raines who pioneered the study and discussion of generations. Ours are the only sessions in the world which use the groundbreaking Values and Influence Assessment™ to determine whether participants fit the profile for their birth generation or hold values generally associated with another.

Our Methodology

Our sessions are entertaining, educational and highly interactive. We share real-life stories that make the material come alive. Leaders participate in a variety of learning activities such as small and large group discussion, lecture, individual work, and assessments.

We take a 3-pronged approach to unconscious bias:

ORGANIZATION: Your executives will appraise together, as a group, possible organizational bias through the use of our Bias Assessment™. Gender differences and generational preferences that affect the organization as a whole will be explored through the lens of research.

COLLEAGUES: Your executives will journey through gender linguistic differences and generational communication style preferences to better understand what might have been invisible and confusing before.

SELF: Your executives will consider their own leadership style, exploring the research and taking our Values & Influence Assessment™ to better understand themselves, their defaults, and their personal blind spots.

By fitting each participant with new lenses to decipher blind spots, your leaders will recognize the organizational consequences and expense of unchecked biases. Our goal is to energize your leaders and give them a new perspective to see clearly what previously might have been invisible. Each of the three segments will conclude with Points to Consider and Action to Contemplate, developed in small groups.