Executive Sessions

Executive Sessions

Our Executive Sessions can be from one to three hours in length and include a humorous keynote that addresses the central factors that drive gender-related communication problems. We always emphasize the importance of men and women valuing each other’s strengths. Our time with executive teams is designed to be highly interactive and engaging. While our experts share the research on differences between men and women in the workplace, the group is encouraged to interact and identify how the information relates and resonates with their own experience. A time for questions and answers is built into every session.

The Business Case

If we can create awareness at the top levels, we can help to shift organizations to operating out of an understanding and value of the differences that male and female talent bring to the workplace. This keynote is targeted for your busy board members and senior team.

Men and women grew up in different cultures, but those differences are often difficult to see—let alone manage. The invisibility of our gender differences is what creates the gender divide. But the success of your organization depends on a culture which values both genders and encourages them to operate from their unique strengths. Recent research shows us that companies with the highest representation of women on senior management teams have a 35% higher Return On Investment and a 34% higher Total Return to Shareholders.

A European McKinsey study, Women Matter, found that women tend to drop out of the work force because of male-dominated work cultures, lack of understanding of the male code and the absence of female role models.

When the Sinus Sociovision Institute in Heidelberg surveyed male and female managers in Germany companies, they found that even forward-thinking executives believed that women leaders must behave like men in order to succeed—and that, when women leaders come across as tough—they are therefore seen as being inauthentic.

These unwritten and invisible rules are the focus of our work. By bringing conscious and unconscious bias to light, we will help your organization create a culture of success that builds on the strengths of both genders.