It was the early 1980s and Dr. Pat Heim was working in a Fortune 500 company. At one particularly rancorous meeting, she watched two male executives ripping each other’s ideas apart. Her stomach churned, witnessing such vitriol. Then when the meeting adjourned, one of them turned to the other and asked, “Wanna get a beer?”

This made no sense to Pat. How could they flip the switch so instantly? But she realized one thing: in order to be successful in business, she needed to better understand the rules of the male culture. With that, she began her lifelong study of gender differences.

Pat launched her career with her first book Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business. Further study led her to write In the Company of Women with Dr. Susan Murphy. As she researched the differences between men and women, she recognized the value of each in the workplace. She began to show others how the problems between the two cultures could be remedied.

In 1985, Pat founded The Heim Group, LLC. Working side-by-side with Tammy Hughes, she created GenderSpeak. This workshop helps men and women learn about and value their differences and to speak each other’s language. GenderSpeak was launched in 1996. Companies worldwide now offer the workshop to help employees understand it’s not either/or, men or women; it’s both/and.

Today The Heim Group is a consultant team of highly-skilled and engaging speakers and facilitators dedicated to identifying and solving gender-related issues.

Meet the Team

Get to know the professionals at The Heim Group.

Pat Heim, Ph.D.
Pat Heim, Ph.D. Chief Research Officer
Tammy Hughes
Tammy HughesChief Executive Officer
Master Instructor
Executive Coach
Jeanie Litteken
Jeanie LittekenDirector of Training Services
Master Trainer
 Joel Fullmer
Joel FullmerMarketing Strategist
 Robin D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Robin D. Johnson, Ph.D.Speaker
Senior Trainer
Executive Coach
Conner Hughes
Conner HughesSoftware Engineer
Isabelle Pujol
Isabelle Pujol Senior Trainer
Matthew Weed
Matthew WeedSenior Trainer
Dominic Scaffidi
Dominic Scaffidi Senior Trainer