GenderSpeak Workshop

The GenderSpeak workshop helps men and women to better understand and value each other’s cultures in order to become more successful together both professionally and personally. Men and women grow up in different cultures. As a result, we learn different lessons about “appropriate” behavior. What seems natural to one gender can seem mysterious and baffling to the other.

Designed by Dr. Pat Heim and Tammy Hughes, the workshop enables participants to comprehend the rules of the other gender, read intent more accurately, value differences, and implement practical strategies. Together, we’ll explore leadership, teamwork and interaction styles. We’ll define three approaches to dealing with gender-related problems. Then participants will have opportunities to decide which approach would be most appropriate given their real-life issues. This highly engaging workshop is comprised of interactive exercises, case studies, games and videos.


  •  At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:
  •  Describe how we were taught to be “appropriate” adults.
  •  Describe the lessons of the other gender and how behaviors are often seen as problematic.
  •  Explain the different ways men and women speak and how messages are often misread.
  •  Identify nonverbal barriers caused by gender differences.
  •  Identify the different leadership styles men and women use and how the styles are most effectively implemented.
  •  Describe how men and women define “teamwork” and “team player” differently.


“GenderSpeak is one of the most effective and valuable workshops I’ve ever attended and delivered. It’s one of those rare classes that provides awareness and skills that can be applied both professionally and personally. It’s extremely popular and equally requested by men and women leaders in our organization. I highly recommend it.”

Director, Diversity & Inclusion
The Kellogg Company


The purpose of the GenderSpeak workshop is to promote effective communication and teamwork between men and women in the workplace.

Room Requirements

  • Overhead projector/screen
  • Large screen TV/VCR
  • Flipchart tablets on stands

Who Can Benefit

This course is designed for all organizational levels.


4 hours or less