5 Steps to Mine Perspective Gold for a High Performing Team

by Robin Denise Johnson, Ph.D.

One of the most common mistakes leaders make with multicultural, mixed-gender teams is trying to "homogenize away" the differences. Well-meaning people often make this mistake.

Easing Gender-Related Frustrations

by Tammy Hughes

A question I'm often asked by people who have been through our GenderSpeak workshop or my keynote on gender differences is, "How can I help ease some of my co-workers’ gender-related frustrations when they haven't had the opportunity to learn this stuff?"

The Gender of Sender: He-Mail and She-Mail

by Connie Glaser

Since the publication of my book GenderTalk Works earlier this year, a wide range of companies have used it to help bridge the gender communications gap at work. The main point of the book is that neither men nor women have a better way of communicating, but simply different.

Men Plus Women Create Powerful Teams

by Susan Murphy, Ph.D.

It just happened again. Twice in 3 years studies have shown that when women are represented in significant numbers in key positions in Fortune 500 companies, financial performance is higher in some key areas.

The Narrow Bands of Acceptable Behavior: The Double Standard

by Pat Heim, Ph.D.

Early on in my career I worked in a Fortune 500 company and ran an executive trainee program. Each year I received about 120 applicants for this Staff Associate program and each had 3 letters of recommendation attached.

Gender Differences: A Growing Topic in Europe!

by Isabelle Pujol

I joined the Heim Group in October 1995 to introduce GenderSpeak in Europe, and since that time, I am amazed by the growing number of press and media coverage on the gender topic.

Do Gender Differences Effect Video Game Play?

by Jeanie Litteken

One of the most entertaining moments of a GenderSpeak workshop can occur when participants are asked to name their favorite toy or activity. Often participants from younger generations, both male and female, say playing video games was their favorite…

Lost in Translation: Bridging the Communications Gender Gap

by Connie Glaser

You've read the generalizations and heard the clichés: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Men don't ask for directions, women can't read road maps. Are these clichés in fact true? Are they supported by scientific evidence, or are we just programmed to believe them?

Does Parenting Build Leadership Skills?

by Susan Murhpy, Ph.D.

While common sense might lead us to believe that singlefocused, workaholic employees who work long hours would be promoted most often, the opposite appears to be happening. Current research is finding that, in many cases, women who are mothers are climbing higher on the corporate ladder than non-mothers.

Power After Hours: New Realities in Power Marriages

by Pat Heim, Ph.D.

Today women earn 58% of college bachelor degrees and hold half of the professional and managerial positions. Many have been successful beyond their wildest dreams and find themselves holding more power than their husbands. This has had an unforeseen and unintended consequence of destabilizing and disrupting their marriages.

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