by Connie Glaser, M.A.

My study regarding women and leadership, has led me back in time 2000 years to find a new paradigm for success. My book What Queen Esther Knew (Rodale, 2003) looks closely at smart, savvy, courageous Queen Esther who transformed herself from a humble, orphan girl to the most powerful woman in the Persian Empire. How did she do it?

By being a brilliant strategist, a persuasive speaker, and a courageous risk-taker. Yet all the time remaining true to her principles and ethics. Her story is ancient, but the lessons in Queen Esther’s story are timeless. The themes of the book – leadership, integrity, the ability to overcome adversity – resonate with women as powerfully as they did 2000 years ago. Business advice from a Biblical sage: Using “royal” mannerisms to convey credibility Understanding “palace protocol” Standing up for what you believe Mapping out your plan of attack Communicating with the clout of a queen A timeless story with a timely message for women in business today!