By Tammy Hughes

How many times have I heard male GenderSpeak participants state that the program information helped them better understand their wives and female participants state they use the information to better understand their male bosses?

As I was keen to have a good balance of female and male participants, I asked my husband to join the workshop. He happily accepted and said, “This is a great opportunity to understand what my wife is doing in all these workshops!!”, despite the fact that I shared with him many times the content of GenderSpeak (but of course, while he was driving or cooking…).

From the very beginning of this session, I saw he was really hooked by the topic and, step by step, he is now integrating a lot of clues about my gender-culture. I think he was positively surprised by what he heard and discovered about the other gender but also about himself.

We have been married for 23 years and it is only now that my husband understands he doesn’t need to give me all the solutions and answers! We can ‘talk it over’!