• Video Length: 25 Minutes The only way we can get other people to change, since we cannot control their behavior, is to change our own behavior. In order to do this, we need to “speak the language” of the other gender. This video workshop helps you resolve gender-related communication problems by identifying the Invisible Rules men and women play by and by providing effective strategies for more successful communication between the genders in the workplace.
  • Video Length: 44 Minutes The art of conflict management on the job in interpersonal relationships is the subject of Conflict: The Rules of Engagement. Dr. Heim takes viewers through proven strategies which neutralize some conflicts immediately, and help turn more complex conflicts into manageable ones. The end result is a more productive and respectful organization.
  • Video Length: 30 Minutes Men and women buy differently. This video uncovers the secrets of targeting your sales strategy to be equally successful with men and women. How to build relationships, when to chat versus when to get down to business, even how and where you stand when selling to a woman or a man, can make or break a sale.
  • Video Length: 34 Minutes Women can be best friends or worst enemies. Women have profound emotional ties to other women. Even when a woman finds the male love of her life, the bonds she shares with female friends usually remain unshaken.
  • Video Length: 48 Minutes Men and women must communicate with each other as effectively as possible. Otherwise, the best intentions of each gender can and will be misinterpreted to the detriment of all parties in the communication process. In her thoughtful and lively presentation, Dr. Heim explains some of the Invisible Rules
  • Video Length: 46 Minutes Men and women live in different cultures. As a result they have different rules regarding what is considered “appropriate” behavior. Unfortunately, neither gender is aware of these disparate norms and rules and often misread what is being communicated.
  • This set includes six videos including: Power Dead-Even Rule, Invisible Rules , Conflict: The Rules of Engagement, Changing the Rules, Gender-Driven Selling Strategies, In the Company of Women.
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